Who we Are?


Our Story

While on a green business course, Sharon, our founder met up with a group of young MBA students working for a reputable company that had a project to come up with a sustainability business division for their company, she went through their scope of challenges and got a eureka moment when she saw that they had a waste problem of partially used soap bars that were being taken to the landfills, Sharon made a research on how we can create jobs through recycling the wasted hotel soap, and provide it to those who need it the most so that it can save lives and not be taken to the Landfills, and that is how she came across Eco Soap Bank and Soap Angels was born .


Our Foundation

Soap Angels is a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment.

Our humanitarian and environmental mission is made possible by our partnership with Eco Soap Bank, hotel amenities supplying companies  and the hotel industry. We reprocess and deliver recycled hotel soap to disadvantaged communities in Southern Africa.

Our Mission


Research shows that 5 million used soap bars are thrown away to the landfill globally on a daily basis, while this is happening there are over two billion of people globally lacking adequate access to water and soap, and a reported 1.4 Million cases of children dying from preventable diseases due to poor hygiene and lack of access to proper sanitation services and amenities such as soap. In a survey of healthcare facilities in 54 countries, the World Health Organization and UNICEF recently found that 35% did not have soap and water for handwashing. This represents a serious risk to both patients and healthcare providers. Good hygiene is necessary for good nutrition, particularly for children in the first 1,000 days of life. And, handwashing stations in schools can both help reduce absenteeism and enable girls to manage their menstrual cycles safely and with dignity.

We are Washing Hands

Soap Angels is proud to partner with Eco Soap Bank and our amazing Hotel Heroes around Southern Africa who have registered with our Hotel to Health Program. Together we are helping to save lives and create long-lasting environmental benefits by recycling and supplying critically needed soap to communities in need throughout Africa.

Insure Child Health Over the World

DONATION : R800 donated of R8,000 goal

Insure Child Health Over the World

DONATION : R500 donated of R5,000 goal

Insure Child Health Over the World

DONATION : R700 donated of R7,000 goal

Meet Our Expert

Sharon Rapetswa


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David Warner


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