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Just call at (+27) 081 3460624 to make a donation

Welcome to Soap Angels

Soap Angels is a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment.

Our humanitarian and environmental mission is made possible by our partnership with Eco Soap Bank and the hotel industry. We reprocess and deliver recycled hotel soap to disadvantaged communities in Southern Africa. Our impact partners work closely with local communities to provide vital hygiene education on the importance of handwashing with soap.

  • Fund Raising
  • Charity Adoption
  • Group Volunteer Work
  • Become an Ambassador
  • Volunteer
  • Sponsor a School

Become A Volunteer

we need volunteers who can collect and gather soap for the angels and charities. To become a volunteer please send us an email for more info

Reduced Carbon

We need hotels and lodges that will enrol on our program as Hero Hotels to reduce carbon produced by partially uses soap bars

Funding the Poor

We invite donors to support our mission through funding our services for those in need. Donors can contact us or give on our online giving platforms

Become a Hotel Hero

We partner with Hotels to champion our Hotel to Health Program. Hotels sign up on our hospitality recycling program to gain the Hotel Heroes Status.

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Our Impact Partners

Fund for Homeless Families

This Fund is utilized for delivery and provision of soap to families living on the streets.

Raised:R500 | Goal:R10000 | Duration:8 M

Fund for Rural Health

This Fund is utilized for delivery and provision of soap to child clinics and ECD learning centers in rural areas.

Raised:R750 | Goal:R25000 | Duration:1 Y

Fund for Refugee

This Fund is utilized to fund refugee assisting partner organisations for delivery and provision of soap to refugee families living at camps

Raised:R0 | Goal:R15000 | Duration:6 M

Fund for Poverty

This Fund is utilized for delivery and provision of soap via partner CBOs to child headed families and poor families.

Raised:R8500 | Goal:R10000 | Duration:8 M

Fund for Child Homes

This Fund is utilized for delivery and provision of soap to children living at orphanages, child and children’s homes.

Raised:R8500 | Goal:R20000 | Duration:1 Y

Fund for Education

This Fund is utilized for delivery and provision of soap to partner schools to promote hygiene for girls and school children.

Raised:R1500 | Goal:R25000 | Duration:5 M

Become a Hotel Hero

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Our Hardworking Hotel Heroes

Roger Peter

Joined 18th October 2015

Rose Davidson

Joined 15th August 2012

Hubert Austin

Joined 22nd November 2016

Clara Stanley

Joined 10th January 2017

We Need Your Help

Together we can achieve lifesaving and sustainable improvements in hygiene practices

Soap Angels relies on your generous support to help save lives and have a positive impact on the environment. Your generous gift will allow us to recycle and distribute soap, and improve hygiene practices to communities in need.

John Smith

Donated: R700

Marya Simmons

Donated: R200

Mark Pine

Donated: R250

Emma Nelson

Donated: R600

Kelvin Walters

Donated: R500

Jerin Smith

Donated: R500